Services on offer

Laboratory and production test rigs

  • Semi-automatic measuring set-ups for fluidic componentsnents
  • Test rigs for quality assurance in automated mass production
  • Semi-automatic measuring set-ups for quality control
  • Long-term endurance test rigs for product development and modification

Performance parameters

  • Measurement, open-loop and closed-loop control in real time
  • Test rigs operate self-sufficiently
  • Test rigs can be included in lines of different types
  • Various bus systems: CAN, Ethernet, profibus, GPIB


  • Cost-efficient / scalable solution
  • Test-run editor can be used without any programming experience
  • Functionality was tested in a wide variety of real-world conditions
  • Flexible technology editor for measuring / analysis functions
  • Open interface for archiving / protocol logging
  • Standardised operating and commissioning concept
  • Different hardware platforms (Industrial PC or National Instrument PXI System)

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